blog post #5—-after american painter Ivan Aldridge

I thought today I would post a poem. enjoy.

After American painter Ivan Aldridge


This razor is for you. A sterile tongue longs for wetness,

I am only able to consecrate myself with its shine.

Behold me. I vertical my veins, you rejoice

with slumber, vulgar boy who cannot perspire. What wicked song

like heaven can you thrust from your gut?  What poison


ingested with laughter?


I crave you in the silent spaces of my anguish.  I carry misfortune

over my bones to hide the scars of your resurrection. My hair,

a bundle of thorn, the songs of seraphs cannot nest

in its bark. Behold me When you gaze

into the mirror, I cannot be a liar. I am a luxurious burden.  


Call me your lover , crawl inside my grave.


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