blog post #6—-a civic duty exercise

Be the change you want to see in the world. —Gandhi

This is a simple exercise that builds individuals ties within their own neighborhood and community. This is a great thing to do with your kids.

Look outside around the neighborhood where you live. Notice the first five things that need to be improved, cleaned, fixed. Pick one of those things, then set a course of action to get that thing you have chosen either improved, cleaned, or fixed. Can you do it by yourself? How many other people do you need to accomplish this task? What steps are needed to accomplish this task? What is the outcome you hope to achieve? Do you need permits or permissions to do this project? Think this though to completion, be organized in your efforts, and have a purpose of helping others with this outcome. Even the smallest tasks can create positive change in the world around you. Best of luck.

Civic duty is absolutely a requirement of freedom. 


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